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I recently generated a Wordle – Wordles are Word Clouds – pictures made up from text that I have written so far on this blog. What’s the one word that sticks out for you?

If you have a website, you can generate your own Wordle here.

Paras Mamania Word Cloud

Word Cloud – Paras.me

Here in London, the weather has been good and we are gearing up for the Easter Long weekend.

Carpe diem,

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Happy Birthday Khyati

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It’s Monday, 17th March 2014.
For the world, it’s just another day;
But for me it’s the day of the year.
Happy Birthday, Dear Khyati!

Celebrations started early for Khyati’s birthday with the first cake being cut on Sunday with friends in London. what a fun and memorable evening with the Famous Five…

The Famous Five

The Famous Five

It’s Monday morning 7 am, Khyati had an interview scheduled for the day but we couldn’t resist but celebrate early… Here’s the wonderful fruit cake that was smeared all over Khyati’s face…

Birthday cake for the girl

Birthday cake for the girl

Here’s us together!




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Next level Indian wedding stomped the Las Vegas strip

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Indian weddings are all about grandeur, color, vibrancy, people and being opulent. Have a look at this forwarded video I found on the Internet. It’s the wedding of Houston based businessman Pankaj Malani with Avnie Patel. Enjoy their wedding highlights.

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Day 100 – Mumbai

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Day 100 – Mon, 3rd Feb 2014

A Chinese philosopher Lao Tzu quoted – “A journey of a thousand miles begins with a single step”

We started this incredible journey on 27th Oct 2013 and come today, we have marked the completion of our 100 day journey around India. Khyati and I are hale and hearty as we reach our 100th milestone. The trip has been full of incredible stories, ones we will remember and cherish for the longest time in our lives.

It is 11:50 pm Sunday evening, our taxi is driving through the lanes of Goregaon headed home. In another 10 minutes, it will be another day and more so, our 100th day. We wanted to surprise our parents. Right at the dot of 12, we knock at our doorstep and lo behold! our parents can’t believe it. They are expecting our arrival for Monday morning and here we are… What a joyous reunion and welcome back!

We have another busy day tomorrow and we call it a night around 2 am.

It’s Monday morning, Khyati and I have a few personal chores to attend to. Our parents announce that my cousin’s mother in law and family will be coming to meet us in the afternoon around 2:30 pm and requested us to be home. We gladly obliged.

It’s 2:30 pm, the door bell rings and I hurry to open the door. What do I see? My cousin and my nephew from Ghatkopar are here to meet us. As it’s a Monday and working day, I didn’t expect them to come.

In another 15 minutes, my uncle and aunt come by to meet us. An hour passes and more relatives and friends come over. We still see no sign of my cousin’ MIL and their family. My parents and cousin’ are also exchanging some concealed packets from the kitchen and vice versa. We sense something fishy in all of this.

It’s 5:30 pm, around 20-25 of our close relatives are home and everybody is gathered around the dining table. They have placed two nicely decorated cakes in the centre and they are singing welcome back song for us. What a beautiful surprise! My family have wanted to get back to me for the umpteen surprises I have sprung upon them and they can be very proud, they pulled off an awesome surprise on us.



My parents had prepared a small welcome note in Gujarati. The note was heart touching. I will attach a photo of that one soon.



We enjoy a wonderful evening of family time, everybody is eager to hear our stories and have assembled intently in the living room. Khyati and I feel like orators addressing an audience.

This marks Day 100 and completion of our successful trip around India.

Here is a map of our recent travels.

India journey

India journey

We have traveled over 15000 km (9000 mi) in the last 100 days. We visited 18 states, 1 Union Territory and 53 cities during this journey.

Finally, last but not the least – a vote of thanks.

Thank you so much to our parents for allowing us to embark on this journey.
Thank you to our family and friends for being part of this incredible journey, whether in person or in spirit.
Thank you to all our readers, commenters for their ongoing readership.
And the person without whom, this journey wouldn’t have seen the light of the day – to Khyati!

To my readers – what other details of this trip would you like to know / read about? Please let me know in the comments section and I will be sure to write.

Best wishes,

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