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Boston, Here i come

Hello Readers, It’s Thanksgiving time of the year and I am thankful to all you people in my life, thanks for being there…Thanksgiving also calls for travel as I have 4 days off.. I am traveling to Boston today to visit my family and friends…. …

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Office Workshop and the power of group dynamics

This past week has been tremendously busy for me and the work seems to be overflowing in the weeks to come…We had a workshop and my team mates from all over (Raleigh, Dallas, Pune, Toronto) were in Santa Barbara. We were put in groups of 3-4 peo…

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work and travel update

Hello readers, It’s been 10 days since i posted last, feels like a loooong time, If you are reading this, Welcome! to the blog for Paras Mamania Just wanted to keep you all posted on major events happening for me: 1. I recently moved departments a…

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