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What Motivates us!

I came across this video on surprising truths about what motivates us, the animated press is so cool, check out the video… hat tip: Nimit Maru (@nimz)

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WildMan this Friday

Hey guys, This Friday, we had WildMan, another exciting day of climbing trees, doing pull ups, climbing 10 – 12 feet wooden planks dug in the sand on the beach. I was luckily able to take few pictures and videos of me and my group, I have attached…

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Surf Adventure in LA

I went surfing last Saturday with few friends, it was my first time surfing in the ocean waters off the coast of Los Angeles. It was an amazing group of people, the water was cold but we were provided with wet suits that keep you from feeling the …

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Happy Father’s Day

Hi papa, Just wanted to take this special day to wish you a Happy Father’s Day… Your support has been indomitable, your love for me has been tremendous, you are caring and a strong supporter of my thoughts and beliefs… I won’t let you down 🙂 …

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